Adam Moore
2122 Elston St.
Michigan City, IN 46360

I have been a front-end developer since 2002. I have worked in many different development environments with many teams and organizations across literally hundreds of websites and administration portals. I only have a selection of my work listed here, if you are looking for something specific let me know.

My work emphasis specializes in cross-browser HTML(5) and CSS, jquery and Wordpress.
I code by hand using Textmate on my MacBookPro and browser test with Browserstack.

I can explain my role & responsibilities in each project upon request.

On examples that are on LIVE URL's, code changes or updates may have occurred since I left the project. On examples on my domain name, I am responsible for 100% of the code you will see - these are usually the templates I provided to the developers of the project.


Aug 2012 - Current

I currently am a front-end developer contractor for Critical Mass located in downtown Chicago. My first project for them took 5 months and was a very large project but unfortunately the site is not released and I cannot showcase it. I'm currently working for Critical Mass for Nissan Commercial Vehicles.

Nissan Commercial Vehicles:

Nissan Candid Cargo:


June 2007 - April 2011

I was a LifeLock Employee from 2007 to 2011. During this time, I worked in .net, php and java development environments as the only front-end developer on a team ranging from 3 to 20 developers.

I built the front-end for the enrollment form they still currently use, as well as the member dashboard area.


Dashboard: (incomplete demo)

Marketing Site:


July 2006 - Current

Apple App Store HALL OF FAME

In 2009, I was contracted by Epic Think Media to build the marketing site and front-end member's admin web access for an iPhone Golf GPS app they were making. The app at that time also embedded a webkit version of the admin via uiwebview which I show here. Golfshot went on to become the App Store's 9th most grossing app of 2009.

Marketing Site:


Webkit Mobile Version:

HTML Emails:


July 2006 - Current

I have been a front-end contractor for Brushfire since 2006 and have completed many projects(including some you see here). I have built several versions of their company website including the current site they use to promote the company's work.

Company Site:


Jan 2012 - Current contracted me to build their marketing site as well as work with their Java developer in building the front-end for their enrollment form and member's reports area.

Marketing Site:

Member Dashboard:



May 2012

iPhone/iPad/Android app (html embedded via uiwebview)

TNT contracted Epic Think Media to build an iphone/android app that user's could play in real-time during a new television show, The Great Escape. Epic Think Media decided to do the UI for this app as a web app that would be embedded in the iPhone and Android app via uiwebview and contracted me to fulfill this web ui portion. Many screen sizes needed to be supported using the same HTML file. You can see from my demo how this was achieved using CSS Media Queries. I also wrote the initial jquery that builds the game board and sets up the game interactions.

Demo of my Template: (resize the browser window to test UI switches)

Catechism iPad Specific

Catechism is a web app intended for use on an iPad. I built the UI for this and wrote jquery to switch the "theme" as a user scrolls through the questions, or is auto-scrolled

Custom Wordpress Sites

Here are live custom Wordpress sites I have built:

Other Live URL's

Here is a short list of other live websites I have built: